1. Current driving licence and a DVLA code.                             

     Details of how to obtain the code are on our home page. If you need us to find the code for you there will be an additional charge of £10. This can only be done with the driver in person, at the premises. If fail to have the correct code or documents at collection you may be asked to wait whilst we serve other clients. 

Please contact the office beforehand if you intend to use an international driver’s licence.


  1. A second proof of address that has been sent to the driver at the contact address in the last 3 months. – Proof of address is something which has been posted through your letter box and not a statement that has been printed from an internet account.


Acceptable documents as proof of address,

·         Bank Statement

·         Credit Card Statement

·         Gas bill

·         Electric bill

·         Landline phone bill, but not a mobile phone bill

·         Mortgage Statement

·         TV licence

·         Council tax bill

·         A letter from a solicitor, Inland Revenue or other government body.


If the licence address is not the contact address then a further document will be                                                   required.   


  1. A £100 deposit is required for each hire. This will be taken as a pri-authorisation on a card in the driver's name. The funds will not leave the account unless there is any additional charges to be taken at the end of the hire although the credit limit will be reduced by £100 for 9 working days.


  1. Hires can be paid in cash or by credit cards but no cheques can be accepted. 
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